Training facility

Training Facility




  • Mandatory training in occupational health and safety
  • Fire Prevention Trainings
  • Periodic OSH Trainings for Employers, Managers, Office Administration Employees, Workers, Security Service Employees and more.
  • Complete training Programs for Companies regarding Health and safety and Fire Prevention
  • Courses for warehouse lift trucks
  • Courses for engine powered road vehicles (including UDT exam)
  • Educational courses for masters and instructors apprenticeship training in the operation of equipment, installations and networks ARMED AND USE GROUP I (including the exam)
  • Training in the operation of equipment, installations and district heating and other energy facilities ARMED AND USE OF GROUP II (including the exam)
  • „ABC of entrepreneurship”
  • handling the cash register

We also perform biological and occupational risk ratings.

Our Facility is registered in the Education Courator Record.

Our Facility also trains basic higene topics for good manufacturing practises and food circulation. We also teach First Aid practises that become priceless in emergency life threatening situations. We teach language courses too.

Our professional and all-encompasing approach is well documented with many certificates and distinctions.

Since 2004 we operate under Quality Certificate PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 asiigned by „Polish Research and Certification Center S.A. in Warsaw